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Cloxten Help (DoctorDoc Files)


Control Window

Command Line Programs Paths


Cloxten needs some programs to execute external tasks.

This page is used to enter the correct path for which one you intend to use.

Mail Tab:

If you are planning to use the 'Send a Message' function, you need both a mail user agent and a text formatter .

Audio Tab:

For the 'Play File' function, you must enter a music player that can play files of the type you want to execute. For this function, one player can activate it, but entering all of them, you'll get more from the function.

Internet Tab:

This tab can let you check for Cloxten updates (experimental), if you have Gnu Wget installed.
Choose an internet browser to visit Cloxten home page, as well as others pages.

You are free to choose which program you want to use. As a reference, Cloxten was tested with the following binaries:

Mail User Agent
Text Formatter
1) Mail (Standard mail program);
2) Mutt.
1) Fmt (fmt is part of gnu text utils).


MPEG Player
OGG Player
WAVE Player
1) Mplayer;
2) Mpg123.
1) Mplayer;
2) Ogg123 *;
3) Play **.
1) Mplayer;
2) Play **.


Update Function
Internet Browser
1) Wget.
1) Mozilla;
2) Netscape;
3) Konqueror.


    *    A delay time was detected when trying to stop OggVorbis files using ogg123 player.
    **    Current Cloxten version just play and stop audio files, it can not control them. To stop a sound execution, the program sends a kill signal to target 'pid'. As 'play' program is usally a shell script that calls another binary to execute the work, 'kill' will not work. If you decide to use this file, Cloxten will launch it but without the ability to stop it before the end of file execution.
Quit and save the configuration. 
Quit without save. 
Help (F1):
Shows this help window.



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