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Cloxten 0.1.4 Pre-Alpha released!
Cloxten is a digital alarm clock and counter. When in the set time it is capable to execute a variety of events and actions as: to send electronic messages, to sound signs, to show reminder window, to play a music, to open a file or to execute a program.

In current version, all features planed for 0.1.X series are finished. Most of them need observation and some others, corrections. I already know it'll be necessary to release at least one more version after this one, before I can plan to start a new serie.

No critical bug was detected in this version, just minor corrections. User may never experiment any of them, since they occur by exceptions.

Please, see ChangeLog, that comes with distribution, for a complete changes view and features added.
Cloxten © 2002-2003 Alberto Lohmann

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Cloxten is  Free Software . It can be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence .