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Cloxten 0.1.3-1 Pre-Alpha released!
The final version of 0.1.X series of Cloxten is out!
Cloxten is a digital alarm clock and counter. When in the set time it is capable to execute a variety of events and actions as: to send electronic messages, to sound signs, to show reminder window, to play a music, to open a file or to execute a program.
All features planed for 0.1.X series are finished. I'm still working in it to perfect it, specially the new 'Play file' function that is so immature. After that, if the program needs corrections, a new version of this same serie will be released. Otherwise, a new serie (0.2.X) will be planed and released. It'll probably be a mult-task one.
Changes in this version (0.1.3-1 Pre-Alpha):
1) 'Play file' function:
+ Music function activated;
+ Suport to play MPEG, OGG, WAVE, MIDI audio files;
2) 'Settings -> Paths' tab in control window:
+ Paths to commandline programs to be used by Cloxten.
3) ShortCuts (Main Form):
+ Ctrl+K --> Stop an audio file execution.
See README for limitations reports.
4) Oldies versions compatibility.
+ Autodetectation of previous Cloxten version installed. Try to read
the old configuration file and ask for open 'control window' for a
chance to enable features that was not present in last used version.
5) Others less important changes.
Please, see ChangeLog, that comes with distribution, for a complete changes view and features added for all released versions.
Cloxten © 2002-2003 Alberto Lohmann

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Cloxten is  Free Software . It can be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence .