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Cloxten Help (DoctorDoc Files)


Main Window


The Cloxten's main window is where you can manage all processes of the application. The first thing to do is to choose which profile to use and which mode. 

The profiles are two, alarm clock and counter. In the alarm clock it is possible to choose among two modes: 12hs (dividing the time in AM and PM) and 24hs. In the counter the possible modes are countdown and progressive counter. At any moment, you can cancel the active process. The counter mode, let you have the possibility to pause and to continue. 

Adjusting the time: 
Four Combo Boxes exist to adjust the time. When changing one of them, the corresponding value is shown on the liquid crystal display (LCD) below them. Notice that the first two Combo Boxes have a resource auto-adjusting the hour. It corrects impossible values. 
The auto-adjustment is disabled for the Counter. The possible time values are: 


Profile Mode AM/PM From To
Time 12hs AM 00:00 11:59








Time 24hs - 00:00 23:59
Counter Any - 00:00 99:59


Cloxten also auto-adjusts the hours when alternate between 12hs and 24hs. 
When it alters between Alarm and Counter, the values are restored in 00:00. This can also be obtained by a double click in the liquid crystal display (LCD), when no process is active. If there is some process, a cancel dialogue will be shown.


Buttons: Start: Begins the current process. When in Counter mode, this button alternates among [Pause ] and [ Restart]. 
Close/Cancel: Closes Cloxten, when inactive. When in activity, it cancels the active process. 
Menu: Shows the Cloxten menu. 
Help: Shows this help window. 
Check Boxes:
PM (Alarm mode): As the label says, it adjusts the time for PM when in 12hs. 
Min : Sec (Counter mode): When checked, the internal timer interval of Cloxten is of one second. When unchecked, the period is of one minute. 
F1 --> Help
F2 --> Shows "To Do List"

F3 --> Close/Cancel
F4 --> Shows Control Window
F5 --> Toggle enable/disable Popup Menu
Ctrl+A --> Change to Alarm Mode
Ctrl+C --> Change to Counter Mode
Ctrl+K --> Stop an audio file execution.



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