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Control Window

Advanced Actions


Only Basic Events:
Do not execute the advanced tasks of Cloxen.

Send a message:

Open mail window. Write and send eletronic messages to others users in your network or even all the net, if you can do this. Click on "Write" button to start. Advise your friends to enable mail system to be checked regularly, so this function will be the effect of a note for another user in a set time. Otherwise, I can't see another reason to post a mail message with set time. But you're free to use it your way.
For this function, some external programs are required. Please, see README file or open help page 'Paths'.

Open/Run File/Program:
Cloxen will run an executable at the end of the process. Use the Browse button to find the file. 
Notice that only executable files can be run by Cloxen. If you choose a file that has attributions of executable, but it isn't an executable one, that will fail. 
Quit and save the configuration. 
Quit without save. 
Help (F1):
Shows this help window. 


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